If we say that something is broken, it makes a big assumption that it was ever in good working order in the first place. That there was a moment in space and time in which it functioned in a way that we believe it needed to.

And when we say…

It’s uncomfortable realizing just how busted and lopsided so many every day things are in our lives — the history of the words we use and the systems we lean on without re-examining their harmful nuances.

Do you ever wonder why social change is so difficult? Why we accept things in our society that are harmful to others — even ourselves? Why we allow the widening gap between the rich and the poor to exist within our country?

Social psychology researcher Dr. John T. Jost has…

Katie Laird

I’m a musical marketing geek with a book problem. Social justice grad student. Aviation enthusiast. Lover of pizza. Mom of 2, master of none. www.careharder.com

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